January 15, 2018

So Much for a Day Off!

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I was supposed to be off this weekend.  While I didn’t really have any concrete plans, I was looking forward to being a couch potato and catching up some television on demand.  I got up and made a cup of coffee and had just sat down to begin enjoying it when my phone rang.

One of my co-workers was sick (again) and I had to go into work to pick up the slack.  Now, I’m not complaining because we all get sick at times, and someone has to cover for me, when I’m sick.  However, it just feels like it’s me that is always called.

I could have not answered the phone, but I’m too honest and loyal to ever do that.  Maybe the answer is to go into work with a weirdly matched outfit and tell them they caught me in the middle of doing my laundry?  I probably wouldn’t have a job very long like that, but it’s a fun thought.

Being called in on your day off just makes your days off feel so much shorter.  There is no making up that time lost.  You are just behind, catching up errands and chores on your next day off.

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