October 20, 2017

People Problems

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What ever happened to good customer service?  Does it exist anymore?  In today’s culture, is it a matter of improper training, work ethic or does it just come down to lack of respect?

I went to my local grocery store this evening and saw the same young girl at the “customer service” counter I’ve seen on my last few visits.  Lately she has just acted like she didn’t want to be there.  She hasn’t actually acted short tempered but her manner has been hurried, if you know what I mean.  I have gotten to the point that I did  not ask her to complete transactions I went there for.  I’d rather do my business when someone is working that is more cordial.

Tonight, she said, while she was waiting on me, “I need a cigarette break.”  Having spent several years in the customer service business, working and training staff to go above and beyond to provide excellent customer service, I would never say that in front of a customer.  That is just not respectful, and it’s certainly not good customer service.

Whenever I receive good customer service, I am always very careful to thank the person and tell them that they provided excellent customer service.

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