June 25, 2007

second life for freinds and educators

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I noticed that my girl Ellen has now gotten into the second life world. She was flying around the other day uncontrollably, but now she is bouncing back and forth among the different islands, and she is waiting for an invite to check out the inline second life swing / sex club. I am glad to see she is moving into the 3d world.

Another story I saw today was via the wired blog and it talks about educators (treachers) are actually using second life as a way to host virtual classrooms for distance learning and remote tutoring. Very cool, I look forward to this segment of distance learning to grow so that future generation will have opportunities to learn from many people around the world in a way that actually works much better than trying to read a paper book.

What ever happened to that movement years ago to have video casts of the world’s best professors online for free? Is that still happening? I’d love to see that included into a virtual second life library.

Is Google still going to be scanning and indexing the entire library of congress? Wouldn’t it be nice to walk into and enjoy the library of congress without having to travel all the way to DC.

June 21, 2007

fix8 changes your webcam face to anything you want

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This is one of the wildest fucking bits of technology I have seen in a while. The demo looks awesome. You can select and or customize all kinds of animated faces to have on your yahoo messenger or other IM. You have got to see this shit! Make yourself look like a roman warrior, or anime character, or even g busch and make movies with it? This is going to be a lot of fun, I hope it spurs some new viral videos, and a very cool way to posssibly make my new graphic novel!

I am going to play with this thing this weekend and see if I can get a new video on hot video stream!

June 18, 2007

sms text t-shirts for change

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I think this has some potential real power. This new company makes t shirts (customizable no less), that have slogans and a sn sms text number that other people can opo into their cell phones and get more information. Very cool marketing idea, and also a real possibility for sharing information and changes.

Jameson had mentioned that a place in China had received like a million text messages from citizens about building soe new manufacturing plant, and that all of those text messages had gotten the local government to halt plans for the development. Very cool that tech is being used for social change. Very cool indeed.

June 15, 2007

do your own background check

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I found apost at digg that talks about ways to do your own background check to see what ffutre landlords or other people may find out about you. Very cool info to gather for yourself, kind of an eye opener about how much info people can easily get about you though. Stalkers, crazy ex husbands, who knows who uses info sources liek this. I am all for freedom of information, we just need to spread the word for unknowing females about how giving away bits of information could lead some unsavory people into finding out too much about us.

June 12, 2007

Barbie Cummings says she not a victim, trooper blowjob voluntary

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Whoa, when I saw a news story talking about how this porn chic Barbie Cummings got out of a ticket and drug charge by giving a state trooper some sexual favors, I was like wow, the power of the internet. This girls does the dirty deed, makes a blog post, and then the story breaks and the trooper is fired.

The I find blog post about his “Barbie” girl saying she was not a victim, and how she sucked the troopers cock willingly. I was suprised to hear her say that if she went to court she would not complain about sucking dick to get out of a ticket. What is even more surprising is that now several other women have come out with complaints about the same state trooper. Isn’t this a fucked up society we live in, where apparently many women have had issues with a public figure, yet no one speaks out about it until a big story is made by someone else? What kind of culture do we have? Are there thousands f women out there that have been harrassed and used in ways that keep them in fear of speaking out about it? I guess so it seems.

Barbie is apparently the same girl that says she was not a victim when she was gang fucked at a party when she was 15 years old and drunk. This could spark some interesting debate amongst scholars. I am sure there could be arguments going either way, I guess the only way we would really know is if we knew how aware and mature she really was at 15.

June 10, 2007

sticky notes on web pages

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I was talking with James the other day and he was talking about some of the new technologies he has seen that are coming out. James shows me a video of this new technlogies that let people move web pages and videos and such around on a flat screen with their hand. One of the cool features in the video clip showed this guy flipping a web page over and adding some notes to the back of it, we talked about how cool that would be, so I did some esearch and found that TechCrunch had a few services like this featured.

Via techcrunch’s “5 ways to mark up the web“, I found a few cool ways to add notes to web pages and a few of them let you share the notes with other poeple wither publicly or privatley, very cool stuff I had not know about. Now to figure out all the ways I could use this and share with family and friends.

how to kiss well – video

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This video loaded up in  my browser and I immediately thought, oh what kind of comedy is about to be stremain gto my computer video card. Then I was treated to a well done video, with good information (that I wish more men would learn), and it was also made to be funny in some parts, while still teaching people some of the issues to consider when kissing someone. Of course there is no substitute for practice in the kissing department, but the lessons in this kissing video tutorial are certainly a great place to start before going on a kissing practice session. Kissing video from video jug.

June 8, 2007

Sara Connor

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When I cam home the other day I walked into friends watching the old terminator movie and I was reminded about how creepy it was in that first terminator movie to have them serial killing girls names sara. Yeah, the last name was different, but it made me think about what it would be like to see people with your own name being murdered in the news, and how the movie was played out like a strange horror movie for parts of it. I had completely forgotten about this aspect of the terminator movie. I had always remembered the war of the robots and Arnold killing people, not the mini creepy murder mystery in the story line.

The Sara Connor character was quite well played in all the Terminator movies, and I really enjoyed the last one much more than the first, which is really outdated to watch today.

June 6, 2007

The Jenna Jameson Phenom

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It seems that Jenna Jameson has become an American pop icon, and there is much to the Jenna phenom that is taking over our culture. The past few years I have gotten more and more looks from people when they hear my name, I can see it in everyone’s eyes, even those who don’t ask, “Are you related to Jenna?”. I take it as a compliment because Jenna does look good, and she is considered by most people to be a classy pornstar. It’s certainly better to be asked about a Jenna Jameson relationship for me, than say, some other nasty porn star like Bella Donna.

Jenna strikes me as a phenomanon becasue she has become so wildly popular, and many women seem to be okay with her as an icon and a pornstar. I believe that manywomen initially liked Jenna because many of her movies were more on the classy side, and there wasn’t much that would be considered overly trashy compared to some of the other porn that has been hitting the shelves the past so many years. I am sure a lot of this has to do with the contracts and choices of production companies along with good directors and editing people she has chosen to work with over the years.

What really suprises me is all of the newer fans that are embracing Jenna. I think half a million of her fans / people on her myspace freinds list probably don’t even realize how her career films have been much different, I think a majority of her younger fans prabably just see some slick photos and a few box covers and just think she is hot, and don’t really take into consideration that her porn is a bit less hardcore often times than what else is out there.

I would bet that most people who are fans haven’t watched enough of her porn, or other porn to really make a distinction to see, and that a moajority of her younger fams are probably okay with really hardcore porn. Either way, she has had biographies on TV and is one of the most popular girls on myspace and other media I am sure. Wether anyone else could use her formula for success is up for debate seeing as today’s new porn genreration seems to have more tolerance for hardcore, multiple partner butt sex than generations past.

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