July 12, 2007

Transformers – not the cartoon of years past

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I finally got out to the movies and got to see Transformers. Not my first choice, but Billy was insistent and demanded that the movie we should see would be Transformers. I remember the old cartoon and that is kind of what I had expected. I must say I was blown away. The effects and animations were nothing like the old TV cartoon. The action was great and I was amazed that at times I forgot I was watching an animated film.

The violence was also a bit more than I expected, although now that I look back I think it had a lot to do with the sound, it was intense in the theater. I am glad that I got to see this in the theaters.. not sure I would recommend it to my nephew – I’m not sure he would be able to handle all the destruction in this film – perhaps it should be 13 and up only..

July 5, 2007

free blog sites for adults

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The best thing about Myspace in my opinion is that it gives you a place to have your own little mashup of various thoughts, ideas, writings, and more. That is also what I love about blogs and blogging, it gives people the power to publish; to express themselves in ways not really possible a few years ago.

More and more I see friends on Myspace posting things that could maybe get their accounts deleted, although myspace is not doing that as much as they once were, there are better places for adults to get online and share adult pictures, thoughts and writings. The first place that I recommend checking out is the new free adult blogs at adultwordpress.com – when you have had a chance to start a blog there, I would then check out adults only space – this is a new startup in Beta that is going to be the next bit thing. A place for adults to share intimate thoughts and feelings, pictures, videos and more, without having to worry about all the censorship that you find with other blogs and myspace.

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