July 10, 2008

Hot Movies

Filed under: pornographic thoughts — sara @ 3:17 am

I love steamy hot movies. Movies like Bound with Jenifer Tilly make my blood rush right to the place in between my legs. I enjoy a good amount of adult movies as well. I love seeing hot girls getting off in sex videos. There are so many hot girls doing films today, and women have really taken control of their sexuality in many ways and are expressing themselves in ways only rumored about years ago.

So whether it’s sex and the city or hi definition porn with style, I thoroughly enjoy my big screen tv, and it’s half the reason I have a big monitor and tv output with this system. Hot movies on a big hi def screen, the ps3 for blu-ray and broadband for movies on demand, life is good with todays electronics and actresses.

Now if I can just get someone to buy me some new toys for my birthday, I eager to have some glass artwork around the home office. 🙂

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