August 25, 2012

Asshole Doctors

Filed under: issues,Medical,tech — sara @ 5:36 pm

After dealing with a sharp pain in my left side for a couple of days I decided to go ahead and call my doctor’s office to see if I could come in for a check up. Apparently my dumb ass doctor was on vacation, once again, it must be nice to be able to take off 3 or 4 times a year to go frolicking all across the country. So I had to wait a week and a half to get an appointment, in the mean time the pain was getting worse and worse, but not enough to prompt me to go to the E.R. I hate going to the fucking E.R. here, it always takes at least 6 hours out of my life to go there. Six hours of misery, no thank you.

Finally got to see the doc and he gave me orders to get a bunch of blood work done, along with orders to get a CAT Scan done of my stomach. So I went to get the blood work done today and got the CAT Scan scheduled while I was there. It looks like I have to drink two of those bottles of that nasty chalky stuff two hours before the CAT Scan is done. Oh this is going to be fun!

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