October 12, 2012

My Backyard

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The backyard looks so horrible since my neighbor’s tree fell into it.  He is such a cocksucker, I can’t wait until this asshole up and moves, which should be in the next year or so, from what I’ve heard. Anyway it was a half way decent weather day, so I spent a good amount of time outside in the back in the cleaning up what I could all my self.  A tree company is scheduled to be coming out sometime this next week to cut up the tree(s) and to clean up the mess, I’m hoping that we will be getting some firewood out of this whole fucked up deal.

I’m glad of any firewood that I can get my hands on.  I love having a fireplace and I get to use it a good amount of time, this one actually puts out some heat that helps keep the house nice and warm.  The price of oil now is totally outrageous and we still have the whole winter to get through, months and months to go before any real warm weather sets back in.  I hate the cold weather. Last year we had a pretty mild winter. Word is that we will be paying out the ass this year for it.

Still Waiting

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I knew that it would take a while to get all the test results in, especially since the CAT Scan was done on a Friday and that tends to make things take longer than usually, but good grief, it has been almost a week and I still haven’t heard word from my doctor’s office. Tomorrow is Friday and if I don’t hear anything tomorrow we have another weekend ahead of not knowing what the fuck is going on. The pain in my left isn’t getting any better and I’m really getting concerned.

I think that I’ll call the doctor’s office tomorrow morning to see if they have gotten the results back. I hate calling there, the receptionist is such a bitch. She is a pretty little thing, blonde, green eyed with a nice set of tits, but a total bitch to me for some reason. One day she is going to push the wrong button on a bad day and I swear I’ll just have to let her have it. I just don’t want to make any waves when it comes to my body and my health and messing with the help could possibly mess with my health and I just don’t want to go there.

October 2, 2012

Moldy Strawberries

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Harris Teeter had a great sale on strawberries the other day, two for seven dollars, which isn’t the best deal ever, but better than full price. What pissed me off is that I couldn’t find a single container of strawberries that didn’t have at least one or two totally fucked up strawberries in the, much less two. I did find a container that had three strawberries that had turned to mold so I then started searching for someone in the Produce Section that I could bring these tainted berries to their attention.

After walking up and down the aisles for over 5 minutes I finally found an employee that was pretty embarrassed to see the condition of the containers that I had discovered. She went in the back and brought out a couple of racks of strawberries, that she claimed had just came off of the truck for me to pick two from to take home and was full of apologizes.

The very next day I reached into my refrigerator to get out the two containers of these wonderful strawberries to cut up and use some for dinner. The rest I planned on washing, cutting and freezing for future use, when I noticed that both containers had several berries that had been totally covered with this nasty assed mold. Boy wasn’t I pissed off to find this shit and immediately found my receipt, got the phone number of the store off of it and gave them a call. I was nice about it, I found out a long time ago that being a bitch right off the bat rarely works to my advantage. All of I have to do is take the receipt into the store and ask for Michael and he will gladly make sure that I get my money back. I think I’m done with strawberries for a good long while now.

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