September 23, 2012

I Am So Not An Early Person

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What a fucked up day this turned out to be. After having to get up at 3:00a.m. in the fucking morning to get my cousin Nancy to the airport for her 6:25a.m. flight back to San Diego, I got back home to find that Nancy had called the house to tell me that her flight had been cancelled and that the next available flight won’t be until 7:45pm tonight. If only she had called my cell phone I could have turned around and gotten her, could have done some sight seeing or something, instead of her hanging around the airport all fucking day. But by the time I got home I was totally beat all to hell from getting up so early, rushing all the way to the airport and my stomach was all upset from all the coffee that I had drank trying to get up some early morning energy. God how I hate early mornings!

At least she has her laptop with her, money for food and drink and a good book that she picked up while she was here for her short stay here. I just needed to give her my cell phone number to use in case of an emergency and I have to go dashing out to the airport for some type of emergency. I don’t know why she only had my home phone number, most people don’t even know I have a land line.



February 18, 2012


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I love to BBQ and the weather has gotten mild enough to warrant a trial run of my new grill and the work I have done to my back yard. So I decided to invite the family and some friends over this weekend for a little get together. They were all excited and looking forward to being able to enjoy the out doors as well as being over due for a good cookout. We are definitely the kind of people who have to have the great outdoors at least once in a while. This past winter was so rainy, that we have been unable to do anything good.

Pork spare ribs went on sale this week in anticipation of the good weather, so I picked some up. I also got a big bag of chicken legs and thighs to cook up as well as the obligatory hot dogs for the kids. Mom is going to bring her famous potato salad and my aunt Lucy will bring the home made Mac n Cheese. I am going to make a three bean salad as well, because everyone raves about mine. My sister is going to bring sodas and chips and my best friend will bring a dessert. I am not sure exactly what she is going to bring though.

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