November 5, 2013

Try the Salted Caramel Anything – So Good!

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Looks like the new popular flavor is salted caramel and I LOVE this flavor. I have always loved salty foods over sweet foods, so the salty part is what got my attention. I love caramel – always have – and the addition of salt to caramel is just like heaven! There are salted caramel chocolates in all the stores now – I buy a bag of Ghiradelli chocolates every time I shop at Target. The salted caramel flavor is in the bright blue bag – look for it next time – I promise you will not be disappointed!

I just discovered a salted caramel pretzel milkshake at Steak ‘n Shake – and I am in love with this milkshake! It is SOOO good, and I find myself going to Steak ‘n shake instead of Starbucks in the afternoons when I feel the need for a pick-me-up. I think the lack of caffeine might be bad, and the extra sugar of a milkshake might be bad, but I deserve a treat once in a while!

My girlfriend tells me that Sonic does a slated caramel shake now, too. It doesn’t have the pretzel component, but I bet it tastes good, too. I’ll have to try one of Sonic’s shakes next time I drive in that direction.

October 2, 2012

Moldy Strawberries

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Harris Teeter had a great sale on strawberries the other day, two for seven dollars, which isn’t the best deal ever, but better than full price. What pissed me off is that I couldn’t find a single container of strawberries that didn’t have at least one or two totally fucked up strawberries in the, much less two. I did find a container that had three strawberries that had turned to mold so I then started searching for someone in the Produce Section that I could bring these tainted berries to their attention.

After walking up and down the aisles for over 5 minutes I finally found an employee that was pretty embarrassed to see the condition of the containers that I had discovered. She went in the back and brought out a couple of racks of strawberries, that she claimed had just came off of the truck for me to pick two from to take home and was full of apologizes.

The very next day I reached into my refrigerator to get out the two containers of these wonderful strawberries to cut up and use some for dinner. The rest I planned on washing, cutting and freezing for future use, when I noticed that both containers had several berries that had been totally covered with this nasty assed mold. Boy wasn’t I pissed off to find this shit and immediately found my receipt, got the phone number of the store off of it and gave them a call. I was nice about it, I found out a long time ago that being a bitch right off the bat rarely works to my advantage. All of I have to do is take the receipt into the store and ask for Michael and he will gladly make sure that I get my money back. I think I’m done with strawberries for a good long while now.

March 31, 2012

A night out

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It’s way past time for a night out with the guy I have been seeing. Bob is a nice guy, but we haven’t seen much of each other in the last few weeks. His job takes him out of town a lot and unfortunately he has been out of town more than he has been in it lately. Don’t get me wrong, I am not fucking bitching. I actually like that he isn’t here all the time to want constant attention. I like my independence. I do miss him though and I am glad he is finally home.

He called to tell me that he made reservations at Bound’ry’s. This is an upscale eclectic restaurant with amazing food and food presentation. It’s not about pigging out, it’s about pure enjoyment of the different tastes, textures and smells, not to mention the visual aspect of the food. I know I sound like a food critic, but every now and then you have to step outside the box and try something new. We did and fell in love with this place. If you try it, I know that you will too. I cannot wait for him to get here to pick me up. have a good night people.

March 7, 2012

So hungry

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I am fucking starving. I want a ginormous dinner with everything from appetizers and soup, to dessert. Now where should I go out to eat? I know ! I will go to the Olive Garden. I just love their fucking food. They have the best pasta and shit. The never ending bread sticks are also amazing. I have to have the three course Italian dinner plus my appetizer. I will have a Sicilian Scampi of large shrimp sauteed in white wine, olive oil, garlic and tomatoes and served over a ciabatta bread for my appetizer.

For my first course, I will have the Chicken and Gnocchi soup. It is amazing and I absolutely love it. Roasted chicken, Italian dumplings and spinach in a creamy soup is so yummy.  I am going to have a Creamy Parmesan Portobello  Mushroom Fettuccine for the main course and for my dessert I want my favorite Amaretto Tiramisu. This dinner is going to be amazing. As you can tell I love the Olive Garden and know their menu by heart. I always know exactly what I want when I walk through the door. All of the servers know me as well and let me know when they have something new for me to try.

February 18, 2012


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I love to BBQ and the weather has gotten mild enough to warrant a trial run of my new grill and the work I have done to my back yard. So I decided to invite the family and some friends over this weekend for a little get together. They were all excited and looking forward to being able to enjoy the out doors as well as being over due for a good cookout. We are definitely the kind of people who have to have the great outdoors at least once in a while. This past winter was so rainy, that we have been unable to do anything good.

Pork spare ribs went on sale this week in anticipation of the good weather, so I picked some up. I also got a big bag of chicken legs and thighs to cook up as well as the obligatory hot dogs for the kids. Mom is going to bring her famous potato salad and my aunt Lucy will bring the home made Mac n Cheese. I am going to make a three bean salad as well, because everyone raves about mine. My sister is going to bring sodas and chips and my best friend will bring a dessert. I am not sure exactly what she is going to bring though.

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