November 25, 2012

The Whole Fucking Neighborhood With ADT

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At the end of most of the driveways in my neighborhood, you will find the little blue and white ADT sign on a stake by the mailbox, indicating that home is protected by an ADT Alarm System. We have never had a serious crime occur anywhere with blocks of my house, knock on wood. But I think a large part of that is because we are an older, established neighborhood and we all take precautions to protect our homes and possessions.

I’m sure every one of my asshole neighbors locks their doors and windows at night. Most park their vehicles inside their garage, and have enough fucking floodlights mounted on the corners of their houses to light up the whole block. When I first moved in, I had a lot of shit to learn about home alarms and I asked around with my neighbors to see which company they were using. Most of them use ADT Security Systems, as I could tell from the signs at the end of their driveways. With this many blue and white signs throughout the whole fucking neighborhood, it’s a silent testament to the effectiveness and trust placed in ADT. And I’m sure it is a good warning to the criminals looking for an easy as shit place to break in, that these homes are protected and not as easy as they might find someplace else.

October 12, 2012

My Backyard

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The backyard looks so horrible since my neighbor’s tree fell into it.  He is such a cocksucker, I can’t wait until this asshole up and moves, which should be in the next year or so, from what I’ve heard. Anyway it was a half way decent weather day, so I spent a good amount of time outside in the back in the cleaning up what I could all my self.  A tree company is scheduled to be coming out sometime this next week to cut up the tree(s) and to clean up the mess, I’m hoping that we will be getting some firewood out of this whole fucked up deal.

I’m glad of any firewood that I can get my hands on.  I love having a fireplace and I get to use it a good amount of time, this one actually puts out some heat that helps keep the house nice and warm.  The price of oil now is totally outrageous and we still have the whole winter to get through, months and months to go before any real warm weather sets back in.  I hate the cold weather. Last year we had a pretty mild winter. Word is that we will be paying out the ass this year for it.

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