November 11, 2012

Good Ass News By Phone

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Last week’s front page has a story about the guy in Santa Cruz, CA who just won $39 fucking million in the lottery. It’s a great rags to riches story – he was working three jobs just trying to keep his head above water and now he is one of the richest people in America. The Santa Cruz Market is the store that will get $140,000 for selling the winning ticket. That’s nice for spreading the wealth around!

Today’s headline is that a former lottery winner was just killed and that this isn’t the first time that someone that has come into money through the fucking lottery and has died shortly after receiving the money. I didn’t realize that until I was looking a bit closer at the story and some of the links that I ended up clicking on. Pretty fucking disturbing.

I’ve heard that many states have lotteries now that people living close enough to the state line can play 3 or 4 different state lotteries at the same time. That’s a lot of fucking numbers to keep up with. There is even a cool as shit way to find out the winning numbers by having the lottery numbers sent right to your cell phone. You just pay a small monthly subscription and you get text messages sent to your phone. That’s the kind of good ass news that I would like to get by phone!

March 1, 2012

In like a Lion out like a lamb

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Yea right ! In like a F five tornado is more like it. The weather this year is going to be worse then last year.  The winter was so mild that it never really snowed and we had so much fucking rain, it was unbelievable. We didn’t even have any big freezes with all the rain we got. That in itself surprised the hell out of me.  The only time it got cold was when there were clear skies and then the temperature dropped really low. I think mother nature was fucking with us this year.

I am worried about floods and tornadoes this year though. I anticipate there will be a lot of both messing with us a lot. At least I live high and dry as far as water goes, but the tornadoes have already been beating the hell out of the Southern States. It does not look promising so far. I really feel for the people who have already lost family members to the storms so far this year. It is very sad to lose  not only your home but a family member as well. I pray that mother nature will take it easy on us, but will not hold my breath on it. My feelings are rarely wrong in this.

February 24, 2012


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I just have to have my Netflix. I have my computer wired to my TV and I can rout what ever movies I want to watch straight to it. I can also get entire TV series from them too. I have been watching Netflix for as long as they have been online. It is quite frankly the cheapest way to watch movies out there. Oh I know there are other sites like Hulu and such, and I have used them a time or two, but they just aren’t my flix.

Tonight I am going to find the sappiest chick flick I can to watch. I picked up a box of tissues and some pop corn and soda just for the occasion. My next door neighbor is single too and she will come watch with me as she always does. We have gotten to be really good friends. I have actually thought about asking her to share my apartment when her lease is up, because hers is way smaller then mine and she is always here anyway. We could both save a bit of money that way, if we split the bills. We shall see though, because I don’t want to rush into anything right now.

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