September 28, 2008

Testing the upgrade of WP – loving it

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I’m in love with the new wordpress features!

Uploading videos and pictures is awesome, the word count is fun to watch, and I have just begun using this new web site making program!

So what else is new that I’m loving these days?

Look here

Look here

Well I found a new porno tube site. It’s got a bunch of hot videos on there, and I have already masturbated three times today just watching one of them! I also have been making new friends on the social networks and talking about crazy movies we’ve seen lately. Like sex and death 101 – wow, what a movie that was, crazy! Now choke is out in theaters, so I will have to see that! With all the dirty sex in the book, I wonder how much of it will make into the theaters – not much I’m sure, but I’ve got to support the writer, fight club was one of those life changing movies and books, so my support the author will get!

October 12, 2006

hey there

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Hey! Welcome to my new blog!

I am so excited to be away fromt he crappy myspace and the oh so frustrating yahoo 360 social network blogs! This is my new blog site, and I hope everyone will bookmark this page and return here! I will no longer be needed my old myspace blog, so check here for the newest updates on life in the fast lane!



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